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Women's Retreat 2106


GHIC women’s retreats serve as our yearly opportunities to go away for a weekend to rest, pray, hear from God, worship, and relate with other women, some whom we already know, and some that we’re meeting for the first time. It’s usually fun and highly impactful, and this year’s was no less so—there’s always something our heavenly father does for His girls when they take time apart from everyday life and sit with Him awhile.

God's House International Centre
God's Daughters Social & Baby Welcome


We had an amazing social and Baby Welcome for Isaiah Gill. Many women, family and friends came to be equipped and to celebrate the birth of Isaiah. We had fun, fellowship and teachings to help mothers and furture mothers in every stage of their life.

Celebrating Womanhood Conference 2015
Woman of Worth


The W.O.W  Conference was amazing, God has done so many wonders in our lives and we are blessed with another Celebrating Womanhood Conference. The Presence of The Lord was truly in our midst. If you missed or would like to refresh and listen to all the teachings from the conference please click HERE!!!

God's House International Centre
God's Daughters Social


We celebrated the end of the year after our final God's Daughters social. We shared a meal, prayed, fellowship, listened to the word of encouragement from Pastor Fatima and Mrs Josephine Nhau. Irorho Mousah who is head of GHIC children's church was also honoured, celebrated and congratulated for the birth of her second born baby boy Joshua Mousah and for her dedication to the Childrens Church ministry. 

Al Bacio
Pastor Fatima's Birthday Dinner


We had such a beautiful time together eating and fellowshipping as we continued the celebrations for Pastor Fatima's birthday. Family and friends came to honour and support our mum who is a beautiful and loving woman of God. May the Lord continue to preserve her life and give her the grace to complete all her assignments on Earth. May her life be used to glorify God and to advance the Kingdom of God. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

KICC Bristol
Marriage Explored


Pastor Fatima Sibanda was invited to minister at a KICC Seminar which explored single-hood, marriage, and divorce. We received much information on what your are supposed to do in each of these stages of your life according to the Word of God, and we also got many tips. The session was so enlightening and I am sure that we all left with a clearer perspective of relationships and Gods calling in our life.

God's Daughters & Hope For Every Woman at GHIC
Prevailing In Prayer


The daughter's of The Most High rose up to pray and call on God to tackle issues which affect women and girls, these included family, marriage, singleness, students, relationships, and the church. A prayer-less woman is a powerless woman but we believe that our fervent prayers released great power. 

God's Daughters & Hope For Every Woman at GHIC
Pelivia's Baby Shower


We had a great time together. We learnt many things. Our guests were blessed too.The food was amazing and God was glorified. Let's embrace our seasons and use our time wisely.Thank you to our resident doctors and resident Pastor for educating us, and thank you to all for attending and for the gifts and wonderful fellowship. Pelivia is so grateful for all we have done for her and the love that we have shown her. We are blessed to be a part of such a great family!

Bible Life Fellowship Conference Swindon
Turning Point: Walking In The Overflow 


We had a lovely time at the Turning Point conference in Swindon at Bible Life Fellowship. Women came from different cities to this women's conference hosted by Pastors Tim and Judy Babu. Pastor Fatima was the guest speaker and she ministered powerfully and women were refreshed, restored, and renewed as they experienced a turning point in different areas of their lives. We leant that a turning point is a critical moment where something changes direction, a moment of truth, and a point of no return. In order to experience an overflow a turning point is a prerequisite. 

God's Daughter's and Hope for Every Woman Retreat 2014
"Draw Near to God and He will Draw Near to You"


The retreat took place at Brunel Manor in Devon from 11-13th July. Virtually every woman was blessed with the glorious and awesome power of God’s presence right from Friday evening until our departure on Sunday afternoon. Our guest speakers Jan Patching, Adele Pinock, and Joy Feddis encouraged us to draw near and to stay near the Lord and to get rid of all the baggage that comes between us and the lover of our souls, Jesus! Our morning glory/ early morning prayer session were saturated with the presence of God. We definatly drew near and drank from the well of His presence. 

Celebrating Womanhood Conference 2014


"For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed." (Luke 1:48). We had amazing two days of prayer, praise, preaching and power at the Blessed Conference! Women gathered from different parts of the country and church to come and attend this conference. There were also life-changing testimonies, drama, poetry and dance! We learnt that we are blessed and no-one can curse us or reverse our blessing. God has blessed us in order for us to bless our generation and beyond with the love of God.

ProWeb Meeting 2013
Missions in Zimbabwe


Pastor Fatima spoke at a gathering of professionals, women executives and business women who stand for the economic and social development of women leading to the betterment of Zimbabwea in August 2013.

Southampton Women's Conference
Flourish: Living Life Well


We had an amazing time at the Flourish Conference at Victory Gospel Church in Southampton. There was a great sense of unity and love in the atmosphere. Women from all walks of life came together to fellowship and to be empowered by the Word of the Lord. We learnt that It is God’s desire for every woman to flourish in all areas of life. We also learnt the paramount importance of the condition of our soul in order for us to flourish all round. We prosper to the degree that our soul is prospering hence the need to develop a consistent prayer life and reading of the Word of God.

Celebrating Womanhood Conference 2012
"By Faith Women Received"


"Women received back their dead, raised to life again..." (Hebrews 11:35)

Pastor Fatima taught us the true meaning of faith, which is simply believing and trusting in God without waivering and developing a relationship with Him based on who He is and not on what you can claim from Him. Biblical women had genuine faith in good times and in the bad.

Women's Ministry October 2012
God's House International Centre


Pastor Fatima hosted the general womens meeting where women come together to be encouraged and empowered by the guest speaker from Every Nation Church Midrand, Pastor Edith Majachani. She encouraged women to go the extra mile and not to get weary while doing good, for they shall surely reap! 

Maximum Impact Womens Conference 2012
Maximum Impact


Pastor Fatima was a guest speaker at Revival Chapel International, which is a vibrant Ministry based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (UK). The power of God was present to save, heal, deliver, and restore lives at this amazing conference. Women from all walks of life were inspired to reach their maximum impact through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ladies Retreat 2012
"Vessels of Honour"


We went away to Brunel Manor for our retreat and had an wonderful time together in the presence of God! Pastor Joyce Mwanza from a christian radio in Zambia was our guest speaker. Women were encouraged to be vessels of honour by cleansing themselves through the reading of the Word and applying it in their daily lives. We also leant not to be like dust-bin vessels that carry anything thrown inside. The workshops were an amazing opportunuty for women to interact.

Women of Excellence Seminar at Radisson Blu Hotel 2012
"Women of Excellence"


We had a great time of fellowship and relationship building with the team that came from London with Pastor Clara Manyangadze. We looked at women who excelled in doing good like, Dorcas, Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Mary, and many more. But we also looked at women who excelled in doing evil like, Delilah, Jezebel, Herodias, and many others. Their evil influence brought destruction to others, but the women who excelled in their service for God influenced their communities positively. We encouraged women to excell in what is good.

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