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Winning Women's Conference 2014: Radi8

We had an amazing time at the Winning Women Conference 2014. The theme was 'radi8' meaning we should radiate the light of God in this dark world. The key scripture was Isaiah 62:1-3 "...her salvation radiates as does a burning torch" (AMP). As women, we should radiate the light of God in every aspect of our lives.

We learnt that we should:

R: reflect God's glory

A: Attract others to God's kingdom

D: disciple other women and those in our sphere of influence

I: influence our environment with the light of God

A: attend to the needs of others

T: travail in prayer for others

E: empower people to achieve their destinies

It is God's desire that all His daughters radiate His love and His power so that He may be glorified. God wants us to be spectacular and unique, He desires that we use our gifts and talents to bless our generation. The source of this radiance is the Holy Spirit fuelled by our prayers, reading, and doing of the Word. A radiant life is recognised from afar and dispels every work of darkness. God is raising an army of radiant women who are fully sold out to Him. God will not rest until our righteousness shines forth like a burning torch. Join us as we embark on a journey to radiate for His glory.

Much to her surprise, Pastor Fatima was honoured by the conference host, Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo for faithfully pursuing God by attending the Winning Women Conference over the years and bringing a team of women each year to be empowered by the Word of God and helping them to make a difference to their community. Pastor Fatima was called up on stage and Pastor Yemisi personally commended her and presented her with gifts for herself and her husband for their 23rd anniversary which they celebrated today. Here is a short clip of the moment. May we all rise up and radiate the light of God.

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