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Winning Women Convention: Flourish

We have had an awesome weekend at the Winning Women Convention: Flourish. The theme was taken from Psalm 92:12-15. God's plan for us as women is that we may flourish in all areas of our lives.

To flourish is to grow, to be fruitful, to thrive, to prosper, to be useful, to be successful and to blossom. God's plan for us is that we may blossom in all we do.

God wants us to flourish like the palm tree which has multiple functions. A palm tree is majestic, stable, durable and incorruptable. That is what God desires for us. Nothing will corrupt us. Under pressure we might bend but we wont break. We will bounce back. We can be knocked down but we will never be knocked out! However, in order for us to flourish we have to put our roots deep down in God so that we may produce fruit continuously. Jesus continuously flourished because he was continuously connected to the Father. Likewise we should be continuously connected to the Father.

We also flourish as we serve in the house of the Lord where he has planted us. Because we are rooted in God, when floods of adversity come our way they will not uproot us.

We will thrive and flourish in evey area of our lives, be it at home, at work, church and any where we go. Our children, our ministries, our marriages and everything to do with us is going to flourish. Even in old age we will be flourishing because the Lord is upright and faithful to His promises. We are finishing the year strong and in the coming year we will still be flourishing.

So ladies, flourishing is not an option, it is God's plan for our lives. Let us put our roots deep in Him and everything else will fall into place.

I encourage you to meditate on this word.

Here are more photos.

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