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Woman of Royalty High Tea

On the 26th of August pastor Fatima ministered at the Woman of Royalty High Tea hosted by Gracious Women Fellowship International in Stockholm Sweden. We had an amazing time at this outreach event and we saw the Lord minister to women from every walk of life in very different ways.


The dictionary defines royalty as a status of a King or a Queen, or part of their family. It also means one who is invested with royal power and authority, and has great influence over a vast amount of people, a territory or kingdom.


We learnt that we are royalty because we are daughters of the King, and He has given us authority and influence to rule and decree over situations and territories in our lives.

Pastor Fatima spoke about Pharaoh’s daughter whose account is found in Exodus 2:5-10, where Pharaoh had decreed that baby boys belonging to the Hebrews be killed. As the daughter of the king, Pharaoh’s daughter knew this decree very well, and as royalty she had the power to implement this decree. However she used her status to make a positive change. She had compassion in her heart when she heard the cry of baby Moses by the river and decided to spare his life. Acts 7:21 says,”…Pharaoh’s daughter took Moses and raised him like her own son, and Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and deeds…” 


We saw how God enabled her to use her influence as royalty not only to rescue Moses but also to avoid causing sorrow to another woman like her. If God’s hand was not present in these operations, this could have been the end of the life of the great leader of the children of Israel.


Today we are all benefiting from the life of Moses and his writings in the first 5 books of the bible. We must use our influence to create opportunities for others to do well. We were encouraged to be intentional about being kind, loving, compassionate and caring towards one another starting with our own families and all the people in other spheres of our lives. We are women of royalty and we should use our influence positively. This was a great time indeed.

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