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Our Mission

The word mission can be used to describe a plethora of things. In Greek it means “diakoneo” meaning service or to serve. It also means to have a purpose and a goal driven by strong conviction.


Our mission as an organisation is to bring Hope to every woman whom we encounter on a day to day basis. We are here to encourage, inspire, and empower women and girls to celebrate and embrace their God given mantle of womanhood, and to function fully in it. We are here to serve women from all walks of life and to empower them to serve one another with their gifts, skills, talents and multiple abilities.


Women are very relational and have a deep need to connect and fellowship. Through our outreaches, retreats, conferences, newsletters, books and various events, we provide platforms for women to relate and build meaningful relationships across the various natural divides such as race, culture, education, and denomination, just to mention a few because the list is endless. Our mission is to see women made whole in every facet and aspect of their lives.


We aim to use online services to reach women who are not within our physical reach and to partner with other organisations for practical projects in various nations where women and children are struggling to survive and are faced with economic difficulty.


Together we are bringing hope to every woman we encounter be it one woman at a time. God has great plans for every girl and woman on the face of this earth.
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