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Our Vision

A vision is the ability to create a compelling picture of a preferred future with a sense of security. Vision is a mental picture of where we are going and what we desire to achieve. It is like a map or navigation system to direct us to our desired and expected destination, to that place of hope.
Our vision is about people, not projects.

Women who come into contact with Hope For Every Woman will experience the love of God in a real and tangible way as they are introduced to the saving grace, hope and life-changing power of Jesus.


Women will connect with each other and cross the limitation lines which are often caused by their race, culture, status, background and even spiritual beliefs. They will be encouraged to fully embrace one other through different interactive workshops, women’s day, seminars, outreaches and conferences.


Hope For Every Woman is a platform for women to exchange ideas, invest skills and network. It is a forum for personal growth and development and offers women the opportunity to build godly relationships.


The word of God will be taught with simplicity and clarity for everyone to understand and there will be opportunities to ask questions. Different modes of delivery will be used which include live teaching, multimedia, creative arts etc., hence creating a conducive environment for women to learn from one another.


Different speakers who are proficient in their field of expertise or calling will empower women in different categories, whether it is home, ministry or marketplace. Basic life skill courses will be offered and also links to relevant organisations will be provided.

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