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Time For Change

Dear Precious Ladies

How are you doing? Once again the Lord has allowed us to cross over into a new month.

I know two precious people who passed away towards the end of August. I even attended a funeral this past Wednesday. When I woke up today I realised that it is only by God’s grace and permission that I am alive. I welcome you all to the month of September. September is a month of change for us here in Europe as it brings transition from one season to another. It also marks the beginning of the academic year where all students move up a grade and some start school and university. Change is not easy to handle and it is not always comfortable. Some changes are more painful than others. For those who lost their loved ones, change is tough and painful. It is a journey full of uncertainty. Letting go is not easy. I was looking at the definitions of the word change and I discovered that it means a process through which something becomes different. It implies experiencing something different to what one is used to. Amongst its synonyms are words like: transformation, movement, shift in position or location, to transfer from one place to another, to go from one phase to another, and transition. Change is part and parcel of life and we have to learn to embrace it and manage it. I am currently facing big changes involving my two daughters. Ayanda, my first born, is 18. She passed her A Levels and is going to Northampton University. This university is more than 3 hours drive from home. We do not have any family there so you can imagine how many thoughts and emotions I have been dealing with. She is leaving the safety and security of our home, church and family. She is going from one phase to another and this shift requires her to leave everything she knows to an unfamiliar territory. As a mother I have my own hidden fears and prefer to keep her home. However her future and destiny would be aborted if I refuse to let go. I have to prepare to leave her in a strange city. That’s her knew home. Time has come for her to live on her own and go to the next phase of her life.


Realeboga, my second born, is starting secondary school in two days time. She is going to a much bigger school. She will be in year seven, or form one, or first year of high school. That is another change to face as I know of a lot of things that children get introduced to in secondary school. She also will start learning to use the bus as part of growing up. You can also imagine what sort of thoughts have been going through my mind. Again I cannot keep her in primary school even though it was 5 minutes from our house. This would again abort her destiny. So what do I do with these changes? I have to let go and follow the words of Solomon in Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." I have to hand them over to the Lord completely knowing that I can’t be there for them 24 hours. I have to embrace this change and totally surrender my life and theirs to the Lord. He is the only one who says I will never leave you nor forsake you. He is a present help!!! Therefore I will not fear. My help and their help comes from the Lord, Psalm 121. My sisters if you are going through any change that involves uncertainty join me to trust in the Lord. Everything will work out right through Him. I encourage you to manage your thoughts. Protect your mind and sieve what goes in and out of your mind. The state of your mind matters a lot during times of change. Discard any thoughts of fear and do not lean on them. Weed out any negative thoughts about your area of change because our God is in control of everything in us and around us. Our children and families belong to Him. Our careers and churches all belong to Him. We belong to Him. As we proceed with the month of September let us take courage because Jehovah Shammah is ever present. He has already gone ahead of us and He will help us manage any change that comes our way. If we have to let go of some things like jobs, people, our fears and concerns, so be it. Our God is with us. Have a great month! Much love

Pastor Fatima Sibanda

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