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Prepare Your Heart for a New Level of Greatness


The final month of the year is upon us. Praise the Lord for His mighty hand and excellent power that has brought us from month to month.

In a few weeks we will be finishing the year, and by God's grace, embracing another one. It is time for us to reflect and look back at the past months. Here are some questions to assist you to review the year in preparation for the next one. They are a guide for your closet as you pray and prepare your heart for the new level of greatness that God has planned for your 2016.

  • How did the year 2015 impact your life and how did you impact the year 2015?

  • Did you walk in your purpose and are you still walking in your purpose?

  • Did you grow in your spirituality or did you draw back?

  • What were your achievements and who benefitted from them?

  • How was your service to God and man?

  • In the different roles you play and function in, what was your best moment and what was your worst moment?

  • Did you do your best in whatever you did? Did you do it as unto the Lord or were you more conscious of man?

  • How was your heart attitude before God and man?

  • Did you pick up any offences along the way? Have you dealt with them?

  • In your family life were you or are you an asset or a liability?

  • How about your church involvement, did you serve the Lord with gladness or did you draw back? Were you a joint that supplies or a joint that takes from others?

  • How did you conduct yourself financially? Were you a wise steward, were you generous or did you withhold more than is necessary?

  • How did you use your time?

  • Did you uphold the principles, standards and values of the Kingdom of God in your relationships and dealings?

  • What was your major setback? How did you or how are you handling it?

  • If you are married how did you contribute to the current condition of your marriage whether good or bad?

  • If you are a mum, how did you influence your children?

  • How did you contribute to the spiritual climate and atmosphere of your home?

  • Were you hospitable?

  • Was there room for God in your home?

  • Was God glorified by your actions and transactions in your business, ministry or career?

My sisters, “… let us come boldly to the throne of Grace to receive help…” (Hebrews 4:16) Let us examine ourselves and rectify where we need to be, for we do not want to start the new year with any negative residue from 2015. Let us get rid of anything that might deplete our spiritual energy for there is still so much more for us to accomplish. There is more territory to possess. We do not want any weights to hinder us from flying high. If there are areas you did not do well, do not condemn yourself. Rather learn from them and let them be stepping stones as a new you emerges. If there are areas you excelled in, celebrate them and let them be reference points and signposts for others to emulate.

Thank you for doing the journey of 2015 with the Hope for Every Woman team and I. Together, we have run the race of 2015. His grace has been sufficient for us. His grace will carry us into the year 2016 and beyond. I love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas filled with the love and presence of God and a prosperous new year full of victory and blessings.

Pastor Fatima Sibanda

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