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Uncommon Woman Conference 2016 - Inspirit

Inspirit was the theme for the 2016 edition of Jesus House London’s annual women’s conference – Uncommon Woman Conference. Inspirit means to infuse with spirit, life, vigour, courage. Little wonder therefore that God did some amazing things this past weekend (20th-21st May 2016).

About 25 Ladies from GHIC Bristol & GHIC Yeovil took off from Bristol early in the morning on Saturday the 21st as the plan was for a day trip. We went in two mini buses. There was a sense of excitement (road trip!) and we were all looking forward to being in the presence of God and other women for a whole day, learning, praising, worshipping, and anything else that was on the agenda. We believed we were in for a wonderful time and we were not disappointed.

It was such a colourful and vibrant atmosphere. All around us were ladies in their colourful Inspirit t- shirts and lovely accessories to match (Yes! Trust us ladies to note what our sisters had on!). It all came together beautifully. We settled in, eager to hear the line-up of guest speakers that included, the renowned author, singer and speaker, Michelle McKinney Hammond; England and Chelsea FC female footballer, sports lawyer, and presenter, Eniola Aluko; Businesswoman and renowned social enterprise specialist, Claudine Reid MBE; and the Executive Director of Mercy Ministries UK, Arianna Walker.

It was simply amazing. From Arianna’s challenge to trust God, which she expressed as taking the stabilisers off our bikes; to Claudine’s encouragement not to quit until we’ve got nothing left as she shared with us ten strategies to get to where we want to go personally and in business; to the interview with the lovely Eniola, where we saw a shining example of determination and confidence in God; to Michelle’s talk about the need for us as women to walk in the Spirit, submit ourselves to the Spirit’s work and His leading.

The worship by Jesus House’s worship team, The Tribe of Judah, was inspiring. It seemed like the song, Oceans by Bethel Music was written for this conference! The line, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders” in particular, reverberated throughout the day. It felt so right to be at the Uncommon Woman Conference 2016.

It’s a privilege that we, the women of GHIC get to experience two amazing conferences in the space of 3 months—Inspirit was hosted by Pastor Sola Irukwu, wife of the Senior Pastor of Jesus House, and she was also a speaker at the GHIC women’s conference, ‘Women of Worship’ in March this year. Please click HERE to read an interview we did with Pastor Sola when she visited Bristol in March.

P.S. Also click HERE to read an interview with Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins, an uncommon woman and one of our speakers at the Women’s conference in March.

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