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Happy New Year!


It is my privilege to welcome you to a brand new year. The Lord has shown mercy unto us and I am excited about the year 2016.

I know beyond a shadow of doubt that the Lord has already crowned our year with favour. A great door with multiple opportunities has been opened for us all. Let us enter with faith and hope knowing that the lines will fall in pleasant places for us (Psalm 16:6). The glory of 2016 is going to exceed the glory of 2015 by unimaginable proportions because the Mighty One of Israel has gone ahead of us. The blessings of the Lord will surely overtake us as we serve Him with gladness. There is no weapon fashioned against us that shall prosper because the Lord of Hosts will fight all our battles.

I encourage you to chase after God like never before and watch how He will reward those who will seek Him diligently. I wish you a joyful, victorious, fruitful and prosperous new year.

Much Love,

Pastor Fatima Sibanda

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