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Sowing In Tears... Reaping In Joy...

Dear Precious Ladies

How are you all? How was September?

We thank God for seeing us through this month. He met our needs and did not close the door of October on us. Many women like us can no longer open their eyes or open their mouths. They are now silent till resurrection day if they died in the Lord. Those who died outside the Lord are in for a massive irreversible devastating shock! I pray that we may all hold on to our faith and share our faith in all our spheres of influence starting with our families. As I was pondering on what to share with you a scripture was dropped into my heart. It’s quite an unusual scripture. It says, “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy” (Psalm 126:5 NKJV). The Good News Bible puts it this way, “Let those who wept as they sowed their seed gather the harvest with joy.” We took our first-born daughter Ayanda Blessing to university on the 21st of September. This university is almost 3 hours drive from home. The minibus we used was full of her stuff we had bought together. She had possibly everything a new student would need including groceries and toiletries to last her for the next three months. We were all excited to go to her room and start unpacking her things for her. My young sister and I joyfully made her new bed. Some of the family went to her kitchen and unpacked all of her mostly orange kitchen utensils and pots because that’s her favourite colour. Excitement was very high as our daughter reached yet another milestone in her life. Ebenezar, indeed thus far has the Lord brought us. She even carried her radio speakers her dad bought for her for Christmas, so Ayanda literally moved house! When we finished packing we all went to Nandos which is only 8 minutes from her residence. We were still buzzing with excitement. We then went back to the minibus and said our goodbyes. Her little sister, Realeboga, had already started to be tearful when we were at Nandos. I was encouraging her to be strong, as a mum would do. “It’s good for Aya to be here now so she can grow and study, and she can be coming home anytime,” is what I was telling Lebo. Then we got into the bus to go home and now Aya had to remain. I took one look at her and she burst into tears. I got out of the bus with the speed of lightning and grabbed her. I gave her the biggest hug of her life and assured her that she was going to be fine and told her how we all love her and how God would take care of her. I held on to her until her dad summoned me into the bus (as men do). As I waved her goodbye I felt a shift in my gut as if I had left a piece of me in a strange land. Suddenly I felt like my baby had been left alone and without warning tears gushed uncontrollably out of my eyes. Most of the family in the bus joined in except for my husband. We cried and cried and let the tears wash away all the toxic feelings.


I sowed my daughter to Northampton University and city. I planted her in tears. I planted her in that city so that she can grow and develop herself academically. I gave my precious seed to this city and it was not easy. To let go and completely trust in God was a challenge but there is one thing I know... Everywhere I go Jesus Christ will never fail me. He won’t fail her either. All our investment in her spiritually and practically will now be put to use in that city. The church she attends has gained a committed, anointed member of the worship team. The new friends she will meet are gaining a godly, caring friend. She has already started to be a blessing there as her middle name is Blessing. Her lecturers are gaining a hard working student. As much as Northampton has gained, we too are gaining. The new relationships she is building will now be a part of our lives. Her new church will now be a part of us. She will gain knowledge and grow. I now depend totally on God concerning her life. I sowed in tears and I shall harvest in joy when she qualifies. I have cried a few more times since then but that was in prayer for her. God has blessed me with tears to communicate how I feel and every time I have cried I have received comfort and attention from the Lord. He is good at wiping away tears. One day we will go to that beautiful city where there is no crying but as long as we are here on earth we should not apologise for the gift of tears as long as we are not using them to control and manipulate people or out of self-pity. Tears motivated by love are sweet. My dear sisters, I do not know what sort of tears you shed in September or even the ones you might shed in October. I am not sure what you had to give away or what you had to sow. I just want you to know that you will reap in joy. You have a Father who cares for you and would love to soothe your heart and to tell you that it’s going to be ok. He is our source of joy and strength. His hand is big enough to touch you and comfort your heart. Just allow Him to wipe away your tears. No one cries forever. Have faith in God and totally depend on Him for He cares for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you!!! As we proceed with the month of October peace be with you. I love and pray for you. Much love

Pastor Fatima Sibanda

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