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Don't Give Up!

Dear Precious Ladies

Wow, November is fast moving! How are you all doing?

We thank God for allowing us to see another month. This year will soon end but God’s love for us will never end. November is an eventful month in my family and church calendar. Last Sunday was our annual International Sunday. This is a service where we celebrate our diversity and unity in Christ as our church community consists of people from different nations of the world. We dress in our national costumes and bring food from our countries of origin. We have various special items, presentations and different expressions of worship in different languages. This a great day for us all and we always look forward to it.

My last born daughter, Realeboga, is part of the dance team. Dance is one of the highlights of International Sunday. Lebo loves dancing and this has been her passion since she was two years old!! She just dances away; dancing is in her blood!! The other day I heard her dad telling her that life is not one big dance and she needed to focus on her schoolwork. She responded that she had already planned to do her homework on the days that she was not involved in dance rehearsals. This was half term holiday but her dad was not having it. So Lebo came to the kitchen in tears telling me that dad had stopped her from practising. I could see where both of them were coming from so as a mum I had to moderate and ask dad nicely to let her practise and I would make sure she did her homework.


The next day Lebo came back from dance and she was limping. She threw herself on my lap and said that she was not dancing anymore because her legs were hurting too much. She complained that the new teacher was making them work too hard and Lebo felt like she was going to lose her legs. I asked if she was ready to throw away her dream because of pain and she said she was not dancing. I then started to rub her with an ointment and she started howling like she was going to die. I asked her if she wanted to let her team down and she said that all she knew was that if the pain continued I should forget about the dance. So I prayed for her and kept on encouraging her not to focus on the pain but on how her dance would be a blessing and her personal contribution to the day. Because of pain and discomfort Lebo was ready to throw away her passion.

With much nursing and encouragement Lebo gathered her confidence and overcame her barrier. More practise helped loosen the tough muscles and she picked up her courage. Come International Sunday she danced so well that no one would have known what it took for her to get there. Their team did so well, and so did all the other teams. Dance is one of the numerous expressions of joy, victory and worship. Pain wanted to rob Lebo of all this. She had become weary and discouraged whilst doing good. Galatians 6:9 says “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Pain had convinced her to let go of that which she loves. She was going to lose her harvest because of pain. She lacked resilience and determination to fight to the end. International Sunday was not going to be the same without the dance. We were going to be robbed because of her pain and discouragement. Everyone who would have been blessed by her gift through attending International Sunday would also have been robbed. In essence, her pain was going to hinder her purpose to bless God and man.

Sisters, do not let pain stop you from living your dreams. Don’t allow your dance to be stolen from you. Let nothing stop your worship. God loves you and has great plans for you. Determine not to end this year in discouragement. You have what it takes and the Lord is with you. Hand over your pain to Him and He will take it. He will give you beauty for ashes. As we go forward with the month of November go on and “dance your dance!!!” We are praying for you and it will get better!!! Like I encouraged Lebo, I am encouraging you not to give up. Keep on pursuing your godly dreams.

Much love and blessing

Pastor Fatima Sibanda

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