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Woman of Worth....WOW!

Ohhh...What a WOW! We had an amazing conference themed Woman of Worth based on Ruth 3:11. Both days were packed with women from all over the nation and even from Sweden. Our guest speakers were Dr Reverend Lorna Singh and Pastor Fatima Sibanda. We had guest pastors from different cities and different ministries and they were a great blessing to us. We heard amazing testimonies, dance, special items and morning glory (women prevailing in prayer). The praise and worship was on another level and we were ushered into the awesome presence of God. We felt His touch like never before. The Lord saved, healed, restored, delivered, and met everyone of us at our point of need. All the teams functioned together as one, a sweet spirit prevailed throughout the conference, new relationships were built and God was glorified in our midst.

The essence of the conference was to remind us that we are women of worth because Jesus has made us worthy by purchasing our lives with his own blood. His salvation has made us worthy to be called his daughters and we qualify for every blessing under the Sun. Our value does not come from a man or anyone or anything apart from Christ. All we have to do is maintain the work that Jesus started in us and be consistent in pursuing him in our daily devotional lives and to be women of the Word. We learnt different characteristics of a woman of worth, she is a woman of:

  • Worship like Mary

  • Prayer like Hannah

  • Faith like the woman with the issue of blood

  • Wisdom like Abigail

  • Good works and charitable deeds like Dorcas

  • Beauty, favour and daring like Esther

  • Boldness, discretion and justice like Deborah

  • Strategy like Jacobed

  • Giver like the widow with two mites.

  • Encouraging like Elizabeth

  • Devoted, humble and obedient like Mary the mother of our Saviour

  • Loyal, noble, diligent, friendly, caring, capable, brave and decisive like Ruth

We also learnt that as women of worth we are: Capable, caring, compassionate, diligent, excellent, irreplaceable, kind, loved, noble, precious, priceless, royalty, treasured, valued, virtuous and destined for greatness!

We leant the importance of the company we keep and the importance of the condition of our hearts. We were encouraged to watch what we hear, speak, and think about as these directly influence how we see ourselves and others. We discovered that strongholds do not just go away through prayer but that we should demolish those strongholds with the word of God. We also leant that it is dangerous to carry around the emotions of a painful event way after it has happened. We must live in reality and not in fantasy becasue that is what causes us emotional challenges. We were encouraged to stay focused, develop ourselves and do our best because God will always come through for us because He is constant and the only variable is us.

Another important thing we learnt ablut Ruth is her devotion to God, the God she knew through naomi and her late husband. Her background had not taught her about this God and yet when she discovered Him, she was determined not to leave Him and to pursue Him whole heartedly. It was the God of Naomi that caused her to relocate to a foreign land. She chose to be with the people of God becuase of what she had heard about Him. So we were encouraged to know our God and pursue Him whole heartedly.

Indeed we had a great time and a visitation from the Lord and our lives will never be the same again. He has made us worthy and so we are worthy and we will produce something that is of worth to the glory of God our Father.

To listen to the full teachings from the conference please visit here.

If you have any testimonies from the conference please email us on

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