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Victorious Women’s Conference 2015 - ‘In Christ Alone’

On Saturday 9th May, a team from God Daughters and Hope For Every Woman attended the Victorious Women’s conference hosted by RCCG Power House, Bristol. The theme of the conference was entitled “In Christ Alone”. The guest speaker for the day was our very own Pastor Fatima. We learnt that the Anointed One is in us and because He is in us we are also anointed (Luke 4:18). The anointing we have is to proclaim liberty to the captives. A captive is simply someone who has been captured, which means that someone has been taken over without their permission. As anointed women we need to be sensitive to our environment because no one should be bound wherever we are. The anointing is God`s power and ability residing in us causing us to do what we could not do in the natural. We are women of power and influence and we do not buckle down under pressure. We are victorious women who have already conquered! We will challenge our challengers, confuse our confusers, and hinder our hindrances!

We also looked at the account of the widow’s son that was raised by Jesus, found in Luke 7:11-15. The widow was surrounded by crowds which could not take away her disappointments but thank God for Jesus. Only JESUS can satisfy the longings of our heart. The widow’s son represented her future and her heritage and she was on her way to bury him. We were encouraged with a word from God saying that we will not bury our future! The widow’s son was placed in a coffin. We were led to understand that a coffin represents a box. There may be things in our lives that the enemy may try to place in a box, such as our children, our husband, our family or our future but just as Jesus touched the coffin of the widow’s son, so will He touch every area of our lives. We will not be boxed!

We also learnt that Jesus told the boy to rise up. He shifted the position he was in.Everything had been frozen in his life. He had no movement and was stuck in one place but Jesus spoke a word that lifted him up. We will not be stuck in one place, we will not be frozen and our lives will not be cut short. Jesus has already given us His word and we are going to be and to do all that God has called us to. Like Jesus went about doing good because He was anointed, we too are anointed women and we will go about doing good for God is with us.

Saturday was also RCCG Women’s Day of Prayer; therefore all the ladies present were led in time of prayer by Mrs Kasali (First lady of RCCG Glory of God Parish). The prayer points included praying to recover anything we may have lost, praying against any plans of the enemy against our lives and against our families.

We pray that you are encouraged by this word. Remember to stand in Christ alone! Continue on in the victory of Christ. You are an anointed and victorious woman!

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