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Seasons Change


How are you all doing? How have the early days of July been? I understand that some of you are in deep winter and some of us are experiencing summer.

It is very amazing that some of you are wearing coats, gloves and boots whilst some of us are wearing shorts, short sleeve tops and dresses, sandals and sunglasses. We are responding appropriately to the season we are in so that we may function effectively. If we contradict the season we are in we won’t be as productive as we could have been. Some seasons are easier than others but God is the constant in any season we find ourselves in. Ecclesiastes 3 gives us a beautiful description of seasons. Verse one of this chapter states that “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” A season is a period of time which is marked with different activities. Some seasons are long whilst some seasons are short. The consoling thing is that seasons are not permanent. They surely change, but God does not change. He is always there with us in any season of our lives no matter what part of the world we are in. For those of us experiencing winter a time is coming when we will throw off our coats, remove our boots and wear sandals. As for us in the UK and in some parts of Europe, in a couple of months we will be reaching out for our coats and boots. Hardship, disappointments, loss, heartbreaks, illness, relationship failure, financial and marital problems and even academic failure can feel like harsh weather patterns such as blizzards, tornados and hurricanes. Some seasons cause havoc and damages whereas some seasons bring the joyful sounds of birds, the blossoming of flowers, bountiful harvests in the fields, celebrations and success. Again God is still the constant as He is always with us. Our seasons do not change God's great plans for us.

I am not sure what season you are in or what season is around the corner or even what season you have left all I know is that you are on the winning side because the Lord is with you. You are His precious treasure and He will not allow what you cannot bear to come your way. Do not fight the season you are in, whether good or bad, just yield and surrender to God. There is a purpose behind anything you go through. God might not have revealed the purpose to you and he might not even tell you why but just trust in Him as a loving Father. It will all work out for your good. To those of us celebrating and enjoying a good season, give thanks and praises to the Lord, and continue to build yourselves up. Encourage those whose seasons might not be as enjoyable as yours and lift them up in prayer as well. As we proceed with the month of July my prayer is that you may sense and experience the presence of the Lord like never before. I pray that you may continue to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I pray that you may bear fruit no matter what season you are in. We are praying for you and your families. Grace be multiplied to you.

Much love,

Pastor Fatima Sibanda

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